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Code: Writing Text to a File (Visual Basic)

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This example writes a string to a text file using the WriteLine method of the StreamWriter class.
Dim file As New System.IO.StreamWriter("c: est.txt")
file.WriteLine("Here is the first line.")
Compiling the Code
This example requires:
A reference to System namespace. Robust Programming
The following conditions may cause an exception:
The file exists and is read-only (IOException Class). The disk is full (IOException Class). The pathname is too long (PathTooLongException Class). Security
This example creates a new file, if the file does not already exist. If an application needs to create a file, that application needs Create access for the folder (see Access Control). If the file already exists, the application needs only Write access, a lesser privilege. Where possible, it is more secure to create the file during deployment, and only grant Read access to a single file, rather than Create access for a folder.

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